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What is
TrueREALISM is a planning, economic decision making optimization software. A mining industry version undergoing commercialization.

It delivers on the ultimate, consistent, traceable, and most importantly true realistic decision by concurrently maximizing the NPV, maximizing life and minimizing risk for the remainder of a deposit.

It has the most intriguing user interface, with bi-directional wizards and an invisible assistant called Hanz.

A first time user may not require a user manual or training, thanks to Hanz and his entourage wizards, therefore zero lead-time to productivity and a huge cost savings for potential users of this software.

Quite naturally, first time users will be slow, admiring the interfaces, and finding and getting used to where command buttons are located.

What is
It is a hybrid keyword for PARETO OptiMIZATION and is pioneered here as the
end-to-end singular solution in realistic decision making.- In this instance, life-of-mine staged cutoff grade and production rate combinations for maximum NPV, LIFE, and minimum RISK
-we need to be cautious about any other methodology that may make similar claims. We are looking for optimization that is achieved with all objectives at one breath (concurrently). Post optimization adjustments or penalties are not truly real and tend to distort the original realistic problem. PARETOMIZATION extends Pareto Optimization by incorporating SIMULATION and PREFERRED DECISION-MAKING to form one single end-to-end process, that is
Paretomization was introduced to the mining industry in 1990 by Dr. Paul B. Appiah, the founder and Managing Director of Appiah & Associates International. Numerous publications have followed after the initial introduction.
There has been some development work since, which has resulted in the release of TrueREALISM . A search in the mining directory's search engine reveals this site.

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