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User-Paced demonstrations are recordings of parts of the program execution sequences which are revealed at the user's own pace. It may attempt to explore the manner in which the product executes or runs, but in a limited way.

Real-Time is a recording of how the software executes in practice, and on replay is fully automated. It gives a complete picture of what the software does but does not give the user the ability to pace through or repeat some aspects of the run.

Live on-line, is practically a real-time run from a remote location via the world-wide web. This has the added advantage and convenience of not loading up your PC with software until a final decision is made to secure your copy


Demos are usually a quick way of introducing a product. It gives the recipient, a quick taste and overview of what is on offer. We have prepared five sets of demonstrations for user convenience.
They are:

a 20-page published Case Study site  
Screen Shots,     
(coming soon)`
demonstrations.(coming soon)

Screen shots will give clients a first view of the general appeal of the product on offer, and expose some functionality of the product in a picturesque way but does not explore the product execution or implementation.

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