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Also a convenient on-screen numeric keypad and keyboard. There is a constant display of calendar and digital clock.
Has an assistant, called Hanz, with two bi-directional wizards. Hanz has a "task" reminder facility and tells time regularly or on demand. Hanz can be replaced by other built-in characters, or you may download and replace with your own.
Hanz accompanies you on your Paretomization journey and gives information, directions and advice

Uses Monte Carlo Simulation and capable of an unlimited number of iterations.


TrueREALISM require a minimum of :-

Pentium III or 1.3+ GHZ processor , with 5Gbyte of free hard disk space, and 300 MB of Physical RAM memory.

User friendly and built to stimulate a fun working environment
Has a number of virtual 3D user interfaces with transparency slides that allow an unobstructed view of the desktop whenever required.

Carries a number of on-the-fly support tools, such as scientific and basic calculators, 3 types of magnifiers, clipboards, onboard camera for full or selected desktop captures.

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