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Allows sensitivity analysis to be performed on a range of one to all of the following variables; prices, all cost data, all operating data and all revenue related data, including salvage value, cap
ital costs,
depreciation, tax policies, tax rates, milling rates, milling recoveries, production rates, cutoff grades, type of orebody, orebody dimensions.

Has an excel-like reporting interface where output from the program are retrieved and manipulated, text and graphics.
Automatically prompts user and sets up a report structure with the data whenever data is copied from the output analysis console. Report is set up in any or all of the following according to user choice: Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Uses Stochastic Dynamic Programming and Recursive Analysis for the determination of optimum sequences.
Uses Pareto Optimization and the concept of Domination to eliminate redundant and dominated solution alternatives.

Uses Clustering algorithm to control, optimize the level of output and also maintain the structural integrity of the original optimization problem.
Allows use of user price data, or links user to London Metal Exchange website for price downloads.
Initiates price conversions to local currency or to same denomination as costing so Paretomization can proceed.
Allows input data to be edited, saved and retrieved for future analysis.
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