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Introductory Price

TrueREALISM software:-
 TrueREALISM 2005. is currently being offered at the following introductory prices.

ID NO.        DESCRIPTION                  PRICE(US$)

A&AiTR1    "Year subscription/single install"  8,000.00

A&AiTR2    "Year sub/2 installs" (10% off)  14,400.00

A&AiTR3    "Year sub/3 installs" (15% off)   17,850.00

A&AiTR4    "Year sub/4 installs" (20% off)   25,600.00

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Institutions and other non-profit organizations do qualify for 50% discounts on all our offerings. Please make contact with us by one of the several means






Design of Websites:-
If you like this website then we can certainly help you with your design. We are pioneering object-oriented designs such as the one you are experiencing. We also do other custom contemporary designs. Total confidentially assured.

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General Consulting:-

We undertake paretomization consulting in the generation of your preferred mine plans (Pareto end-of-life mine plans). Other mine planning consulting , economic analysis, strategic planning and scheduling .
We would like to discuss your specific requirements.



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