Dr. Paul Appiah,Click for another shot of him. He is world renowned in Mineral Economics and for his pioneer work in Paretomization and TrueREALISM.
John, exhibiting his typing prowess. Click to drill down on John.
Dr. John Sturgul-World renown Simulation Expert. Click to drill down on John.
Special focus on two of our world expert consultants
In the commercial world, businesses will certainly be able to confidently capture reality in their operations. Something they have only dreamt off till now. They will optimize the real opportunites that come along. Quite naturally, the mining industry is faced with exhaustion of its`mineral commodities and hence the need to get the most out of the remainder of the available reserves, at any stage of a mine or mineral operation..
Appiah & Associates International have consultants who have peaked in their fields and are the only world experts in PARETOMIZATION. Also experts in mine planning, mineral economics, optimization, strategic planning and decision making.

We have resources to undertake your most challenging mine simulation tasks
Our consultants will endeavour to work together with you to lift your operation in these areas. Please make contact by one of the several means
and organise with us your on-site expert demonstration.
Summary of Services:-
TrueREALISM sales, implementation and support.
Consultation on Paretomization, Mine Planning, Optimization, Mineral Economics, and Strategic Planning.
Web design & Site Hosting:- if you like the design of this website then we can certainly help with your site design. You may host your site with us also. here for Web Hosting Packages

General Elaboration:--
The backbone for TrueREALISM is Dr. Paul B. Appiah who has worked tiredlessly to develop this product. He was a member of the International Commitee on MineSimulation conference 1996.
TrueREALISM is a new additon to both the commercial and educational worlds and are now available for purchase and deployment in these areas.
In the educational world , TrueREALISM software and its knowledge engine PARETOMIZATION , serve as a fine example of a unique innovation . It makes a great additon to the mine optimization, mineral economics and decision making literature.
Many prospective scholars will benefit immensely by this introduction - a fertile research and development platform.


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